9:00 a.m. • August 18, 2018 • Columbus Inn & Suites, Columbus, Mississippi

To get to the Columbus Inn & Suites from Columbus AFB, go south on Hwy 45N until you go under the overpass in Columbus.
Go a little further. It is a little past Little Dooey, but on the LEFT (just prior to the hill).

The FAA allows military student pilots to use their flying experience from pilot training to get a commercial license. Most students get their commercial licenses during pilot training because this service makes it quick and easy. Another reason is that it looks good on your resume because you got it done early in your career. This service is designed with the busy student in mind. All the hard work gets done for you. The day after graduation, you have your commercial license!

If you are a T-1 or T-38 student who does not have a commercial certificate, now is the time to get one.
If you are a T-1 student and already have a commercial or ATP, you can get your type ratings added to your certificate.
If you are a T-38 student and already have a commercial or ATP, but missing a single-engine or multi-engine, you can get that added to your certificate.

Students are scheduled to meet with the FAA Designated Examiner in the order they register, so register early!